Sunday, March 17, 2013

Over The Rainbow

Well Mannered Cupcakes Are About to Get Crazy

These cupcakes are some of my all time favorites to make.  Rainbow cupcakes are a great way to brighten any event or occasion.  I make mine by dividing the batter into six different bowls, and dyeing each bowl of batter a separate color. I then take a teaspoon from each color and drop it into my cupcake liner.  I proceed to drop teaspoons of each color on top of each other. Don't worry it won't run together and turn into a brown mess.

An Array of Colors

The Baked Cupcake

This is how the cupcakes look just out of the oven.  The wrapper I used made it difficult to see the colors, but that just makes it more of a surprise when you peel it off.

"Whoa Dude, The Colors!"

This is how the inside of the cupcake looks.  If this does not have your guests gasping in delight I don't know what will.

Ready For My Close Up

I iced these cupcakes with whipped cream icing.  I used a strawberry gelatin to help keep the whipped cream stabilized.  The gelatin gave the icing a nice little kick, and I decided to top the whole thing with some strawberry slices.

 The End Result

Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Splish, Splash"

The Squeaky Clean Dozen

  I loved making these cupcakes.  They are just so cute, that you can't help but have fun with them.  I made these for a birthday party, and they were a big hit.  The ducks are made from white chocolate, and I used duck shaped candy molds for them.   The cupcakes are vanilla, and turned out tasting kind of like an angel food cake.  The recipe came from this website: Night Baking: Vanilla Cupcakes.  I found the basic pond design from this website:Sweet Jems: Duck Cupcakes.  

                                                        Close up of a Chocolate Duck

Blue Eyed and Brown Eyed Ducks

When making these cupcakes there was a debate about which eye color suited ducks the best.  I voted the brown eyed ones were better, because they looked cuter.  I will leave it up to you to pick your favorite.

View from Above

The icing for these was a simple butter cream.  I used a blue gel icing right around the base of the duck to make it look more like water. 

Lone Duck


And Ready to Go

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's A Hoot!

An Army of Owls

These cupcakes were made for an owl themed baby shower.  The owls on the left are chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, topped with double stuffed Oreos, and Junior Mints for the pupils.  The owls on the right are pineapple cake topped with vanilla frosting, coconut, mini chocolate chips, chocolate wafers for the wings, and M&Ms inside Life Savor Gummies for the eyes.

Chocolate and Oreo Owls
The design for these cupcakes comes from the book: Hello, Cupcake!

Pineapple Coconut Owls
The design for these cupcakes is based off the design from this blog: Spoonful - "Night Owls"

Bonus:  Owls in Transport

It's A Feeding Frenzy!

Shark Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made in honor of shark week.  They are a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting.  The sharks are made from Twinkies dipped in grey frosting. The mouth is a piece of strawberry fruit roll-up, the eyes are mini chocolate chips, and the fin is a piece of chocolate wafer. The design for these cupcakes comes from the book: Hello, Cupcake!

Close up of A Single Shark

"Everyone out of the water.  Quick!"

Christmas Truffles

Christmas Truffles

These were the truffles I made for last Christmas.  The white ones are eggnog, the hearts are chocolate cherry, and the stars are gingerbread.

Chocolate Design Cake

Chocolate Design Cake Top

This cake was one of the first I ever made. The cake is a chocolate batter, and is iced in chocolate butter cream.  The designs are made from Ghirardelli white and milk chocolate.  The cake is topped with chocolate dipped strawberries.

Side and Top View

Side View

A clearer picture of the top and side

Banana Split Cupcakes

Anyone up for Sundaes?

These are chocolate and banana cupcakes with whipped cream frosting.  They are topped with chocolate syrup, banana slices, and of course the cherry.